About us

We are the "Waldviertler Heimatbund", a society, and we are placed in Horn. Our activities mainly cover the "wood quarter".
It's for the benefit of the community and not profit oriented. We carry out regional and local research in and about the "wood quarter" in all areas of regional and local history and geography, the encouragement of history- and homeland awareness, the promotion and deepening of art and culture as well as the support of all efforts concerning the protection of monuments, the protection of the nature and the protection of the environment and further the regional planning.

What do we do?
publication of the magazine "Das Waldviertel" and many other pubications
organization of talks and symposions
occasional guided tours in the wood quarter, but also in other regions, leaderships
connections to societies which follow similar tasks
maintenance and expansion of the "Woodquarter library" at the Höbarth-Museum at Horn.

How do we finance our society activity?
Through membership fees,
through voluntary donations and other contributions,
through the proceeds from the sale of our publications,
through subsidies.